About Stationery Store Day:

My name is Kristina Burkey, and I own a stationery store.

I have owned Calliope in Natick, Massachusetts for 6 years now and 
having established myself as a confirmed paper addict, I am asked by 
people far and wide; "Where is there a stationery store near me??" or 
"I'm going somewhere on vacation. Do you know of any paper shops there?"

This happens quite regularly.

When you Google "stationery stores" often what comes up is your closest Staples. 
And that's not what we want. I saw a real desire from people to seek out 
independently-owned stationery shops and for these shops to have a day where their 
owners can wave a flag and say 
"I'm over here!! Come visit!"

And so, Stationery Store Day was born.

Every year, the first Saturday in August, will be that day, and August 6th, 2022 was the very first!

Stationery shops from all over the US (and the world!) now have a day to celebrate the unique experience 

Ok but what is it though?

Stationery Store Day, much in the way of Record Store Day or 
Independent Bookstore Day, is a day carved out for everyone who loves 
paper to celebrate and lift up the most special specialty store: the 
paper shop!

What should you do? 

On every first Saturday in August, visit your favorite local shop! 
Visit a couple! If you're not sure where yours are, check out our list of
participating shops. There will be special edition merch available at 
participating shops and maybe even some fun activities and giveaways.

 will be up to each shop as to how they want to celebrate but no matter 
what, it will be fun because stationery is always fun.

Support means more than spending money.

Post to social and tag your 
local shop or find the owner and tell them how much you love their 
space. If you don't have a local shop and spend all your stationery 
budget online, make some stories tagging your favorite online shops!

Whether you are a shop owner or an excited paper enthusiast, I'm glad
 you're here and I hope you are looking forward to celebrating the next Stationery Store Day 
and every one to follow.