Participating Shops

Find our official Stationery Store Day merch at these retailers on August 5th!

United States

Alabama (AL)

Tiramisu Paperie

California (CA)

Bobo Palm Springs
Daisy Girl Cards and Stuff
Flax Pen to Paper
Just My Type Letterpress Paperie
Landis Gifts & Stationery
Seaside Papery
M. Lovewell
Parchment Paper

Colorado (CO)

Ladyfingers Letterpress
Wolf & Wren
Write It Down

Florida (FL)

Cami Monet
Stationer On Sunrise
Paper Goat Post

Iowa (IA)

Iron Leaf Press
Pella Paperie
Scribe Stationers
Warm Wishes

Illinois (IL)

A. Favorite Design
All She Wrote
Atlas Stationers
Bari Zaki Studio
Greenstar Paperie
Paper and Pencil
SRM Prints Studio + Gift Shop

Indiana (IN)

Semantics Paper Goods
Toluka Paperie & Gifts

Kansas (KS)

RSVP in the Village
Ruff House Paperie

Louisiana (LA)

Lionheart Prints

Maine (ME)

Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Massachusetts (MA)

Albertine Press
Bob Slate Stationery

Gus & Ruby Letterpress
Happy Frog Ink
Lunch City Studio
Sweet Pig Press
Tiny Turns Paperie
The Paper Mouse
Parchment Fine Papers

Maryland (MD)

Paper Herald

 Michigan (MI)

Dear Ollie
Yours Truly, Elizabeth

Missouri (MO)

Manic Snail
May Day Paper & Post

Mississippi (MS)

1984 Stationery & Gifts

Montana (MT)

Noteworthy Paper & Press

Nebraska (NE)

Paper Kite

Nevada (NV)

Cards O' Glee

New Hampshire (NH)

Gus & Ruby Letterpress

New Jersey (NJ)


New Mexico (NM)

Next Chapter Studio

New York (NY)

Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

North Carolina (NC)

All She Wrote Notes
Parker Paper Co

North Dakota (ND)

Zandbroz Variety

Oklahoma (OK)

Chirps and Cheers

Oregon (OR)

Ecru Modern Stationer
Oblation Papers & Press
Paper Caper
Paper Epiphanies
Village Cheer

Pennsylvania (PA)


South Carolina (SC)

Dear Greenville
Grace Langdon Art
Page and Post

South Dakota (SD)

Zandbroz Variety

Tennessee (TN)

Gift Horse
Paper & Thread
Perry Pencil & Paper
Root & Branch Paper

Texas (TX)

Barque Gifts
Belle & Union
Jen Loves Paper
Katie & Co
Needle in a Haystack
Paper & Craft Pantry (check out The Roommate Collective right next door for more stationery and stickers!)
Talking Out of Turn

Virginia (VA)

Chocolate Paper
Duly Noted
Hitchcock Paper
Penny Post

Vermont (VT)

Hey June
Little Art Supply Store

Washington (WA)

Beach House Greetings
Paper Luxe Stationery & Gifts
The Paper Feather

Wisconsin (WI)

Broadway Paper
Studio reDesign

Puerto Rico (PR)

Funky Confetti



Stash World


Duly Noted Stationery
Halifax Paper Hearts
Happy Thoughts
Inkwell Modern Handmade
Jaybee Design
Majesty & Friends
Scout Ltd